Eminem: How he surprised the Oscar guests

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Eminem: How he surprised the Oscar guests
Eminem: How he surprised the Oscar guests

No one really believed that Eminem would one day step onto the Oscars stage, because the rapper had never treated the prestigious award ceremony with much respect. When he received an Oscar for the track 'Lose Yourself' from his film '8 Mile' almost two decades ago, he stayed away from the awards ceremony.

Everyone had fun

The audience was all the more surprised when the rapper suddenly appeared on stage to rap 'Lose Yourself'. The guests at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles were not only surprised, they also visibly enjoyed the performance. Gal Gadot and Kelly Marie Tran, among others, were shown singing along to the hit while sitting in their comfortable chairs, and Billie Eilish enjoying the spectacle on stage.

Eminem apologizes

Eminem also insisted on paying tribute to the Oscars after his performance by providing a cross-reference to the 2003 event he stayed away from - despite winning Best Song at the time. The musician wrote on Twitter: "So listen, if I had another chance, another chance," Eminem quoted the beginning of his award-winning track. "Thanks for letting me be there @TheAcademy. Sorry it took me 18 years to be there." It was worth the wait.

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