Billie Eilish defends herself again against nasty body shamers

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Billie Eilish defends herself again against nasty body shamers
Billie Eilish defends herself again against nasty body shamers

Five-time Grammy winner Billie Eilish doesn't want to be judged on her looks, so she tends to wear baggy clothes. Now that a photo has appeared showing the "No Time To Die" singer in a tank top and sporty shorts, she has once again had to put up with nasty comments. However, Eilish doesn't let that sit and fights back against the body shamers.

Billie Eilish without her baggy look

Fans support Billie Eilish

"Within ten months, Billie Eilish got a mid-30s wine mom body," the tweet read alongside the photo, which caused a stir. In addition to other nasty comments, numerous responses from Twitter users who jump into the breach for the 18-year-old have since collected in the comment line. "Bodyshaming an 18-year-old girl has to give you such a sense of confidence and masculinity," it says, for example. "She is he althy and beautiful. That's all that counts," writes another user.

Most boobs HANG

Billie Eilish herself indirectly reacted to the nasty comments. According to media reports, she shared a video on the social media platform Instagram in which the influencer Chizi Duru calls for normal-looking bodies to be considered normal. "Instagram has led many of you to believe that NORMAL bodies are abnormal," the original post reads alongside the video. "Tummy jitters are completely normal. Most breasts are HANGING.” In her video, Chizi Duru also emphasizes that the depictions on Instagram are “not real”.

Musician against body shaming

The musician had already defended herself against body shaming in the spring. In a nearly four-minute self-directed and self-produced short film made as part of her Where Do We Go? tour, the singer slowly strips down to her bikini in a darkened room and then dives into a basin of thick black liquid. The scenes are accompanied by poetic chanting.

In it, Eilish emphasizes that it is not her responsibility what other people think of her. In May, she also posted the work on Instagram with the title "Not my responsibility".

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