Hollywood-Gate: THIS is Sam Dylan's Fake Sharon Stone

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Hollywood-Gate: THIS is Sam Dylan's Fake Sharon Stone
Hollywood-Gate: THIS is Sam Dylan's Fake Sharon Stone

SO Sam Dylan caused quite a stir. The reality TV star is currently in Los Angeles to further his Hollywood career. And the 31-year-old allowed himself a lot of fun: he posed with Sharon Stone for his Instagram followers. Well, at least that's what he claimed. But the blonde lady was just a German double of the "Basic Instinct" actress. We took a closer look at the fake Sharon. We show who she is and how similar she looks to the real Hollywood star in the video above.

This is how Sharon aka Nana from Cologne ticks

You have to give Nana, the name of the doppelganger, one thing: she actually looks confusingly similar to the real Sharon Stone. The 50-year-old has style and embodies Hollywood glamor without any problems. The blonde short hairstyle gelled back, large sunglasses on the eyes and an extravagant styling - the dazzling Sharon look is complete.

In addition to her double existence, Nana leads a completely normal, modest life in Cologne. The mother of a 24-year-old and dog JayDee's mistress loves everything that has to do with beauty. She also likes experiments and doesn't shy away from wigs and crazy looks, as her Instagram account impressively proves.

Just like Sam, Nana also dreams of a great career in Hollywood - that's exactly why she was the perfect travel companion for the influencer, according to her management. Soon she also wants to expand a van and go on a European tour. Will she also pack buddy Sam for the extra portion of exuberance? Wait and see… Maybe a big Hollywood producer will knock on your door first.

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