Leaked Footage: Has Britney Spears been fighting guardianship since 2009?

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Leaked Footage: Has Britney Spears been fighting guardianship since 2009?
Leaked Footage: Has Britney Spears been fighting guardianship since 2009?

Britney Spears is currently fighting in court to have her guardianship ended. The singer's controversial former manager, Sam Lutfi, has now released a series of allegedly old voicemail messages from the pop star, claiming to prove that Britney has defied her father's control for more than a decade.

Sam Lutfi was blamed for Britney's collapse in 2007

Lutfi told New York Post's entertainment portal, Page Six, that he's broken the news in the past, but reposting it on Instagram has garnered a lot of attention due to the FreeBritney movement."They all stayed on my phone," said Lutfi, who claims to have been Spears' manager from 2007 to 2008.

He was blamed by the singer's family for her collapse in 2007. She later obtained a restraining order against him. Lutfi denies all allegations.

Britney's alleged voice message: "I want out of this guardianship"

In several Instagram posts, Lutfi published the singer's alleged messages. The first post features an unidentified picture of Spears with their son Sean, who was born in 2005, a year before his brother Jayden. A voice message allegedly from Spears read: "I want out of this guardianship." The voicemail, believed to be from 2009, went on to say she was being blackmailed "by visiting my babies." She was "locked up" and "deprived of her civil rights".

In a second video, the singer allegedly claims her father threatened to take her children away. According to Page Six, Lutfi said the recording was made just a few months after the first call he shared. In another message, the singer asked for a new lawyer. Spears only got it in July 2021. The celebrity lawyer Matthew Rosengart is now fighting for her in court against guardianship. Her public defender, Sam Ingham, resigned in early July after 13 years.

Britney Spears: Is HE her last resort?

Britney has been under guardianship since 2008

After Britney Spears suffered mental breakdowns, her father Jamie Spears was appointed guardian by a court in 2008. Since then, he has made decisions about her life and her finances. Since 2014, it has been said so far, the mother of two has been trying to free herself from her father's guardianship. She is supported by many fans who draw attention to the case under the hashtag FreeBritney.

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