Massive security flaws on the set of "Rust"?

Massive security flaws on the set of "Rust"?
Massive security flaws on the set of "Rust"?

The allegations are getting louder and more massive: As the "Los Angeles Times" reports, there were already massive safety deficiencies on the set of the film "Rust" before the tragic accident. A few hours before the fatal shot, six cameramen and assistants left the set in protest at the working conditions.

One of the reasons for this strike was that safety protocols, including weapons inspections, were not properly maintained. At least one of those cinematographers complained to a production manager in the past week that the guns on set were not safe.

According to the report, there have already been two accidental prop weapon discharges. A stunt double for Alec Baldwin accidentally fired two live shots despite being told the gun was "cold". By this is meant that the weapon actually contains no charge, not even blanks.

Production Company Announces Internal Investigation

A film crew member also confirmed to the "Los Angeles Times" that this incident was not investigated further. "There was also no assurance that something like this would not happen again," it continues. There was also a text message to production management addressing the incidents. The production company responded to the allegations to the newspaper: Internal investigations will be initiated, but no concrete information has been received. Work on "Rust" has been suspended until further notice.

During Thursday afternoon's tragedy in Santa Fe, New Mexico, lead actor Baldwin shot from a gun, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Director Joel Souza was also hit, but has now been able to leave the clinic.

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