Til Schweiger criticizes live ammunition on the "Rust" film set

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Til Schweiger criticizes live ammunition on the "Rust" film set
Til Schweiger criticizes live ammunition on the "Rust" film set

After the fatal accident on the "Rust" film set, Til Schweiger now speaks up. The actor already had a few prop weapons in his hand - for example in "Tatort" as Commissioner Tschiller. In an interview with "Bild am Sonntag", he expresses his sympathy for actor Alec Baldwin, who fired the revolver. Til thought "what a burden he now carries with him".

There are always the highest safety precautions

He also criticized: "I also thought that live ammunition had absolutely no place on a film set". As a rule, real weapons that had been converted were used. "With a revolver, it's actually for me unimaginable." In America in particular, the armorers are "extremely fastidious". "It's the same in Germany," explains the 57-year-old. "There is always the highest level of security."

These weapon rules apply on the film set

Til also explains the rules that apply to guns on the film set: Never aim directly at people, always aim past them. Additionally, don't play with the gun "except when you're filming the scene." And, "You must never have your finger on the trigger." The actor also offers a guess as to how the fatal accident might have happened: "If [Alec Baldwin] wounded two people, and one person died, then the obvious guess is that maybe someone put bullets in there on purpose."

What happened on the Rust movie set?

Camera operator Halyna Hutchins was killed and director Joel Souza was injured in the accident on the set of "Rust" in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Police are currently investigating how this happened.

As US media reports, an assistant director handed the gun to Alec Baldwin, saying he could use it safely. However, the revolver was loaded with a live cartridge. Neither Baldwin nor the assistant director would have known about it. It is now to be determined who was responsible for the live ammunition in the revolver.

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