Ireland Baldwin strips and shows her tattoos

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Ireland Baldwin strips and shows her tattoos
Ireland Baldwin strips and shows her tattoos

Ireland Baldwin is at peace with herself and her body. The daughter of actor Alec Baldwin proves this again and again with her sexy Instagram snapshots. Now the fashion model is showing her sexy tattoos and giving a deep look.

Ireland Baldwin Goes Topless

Anyone who has already browsed through the 25-year-old's Instagram account will have noticed that the model likes to take her followers into her everyday life. Whether you go for a walk, go on vacation – your followers can even accompany you to the gynecologist. The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger also likes to post sexy photos in a skimpy sports outfit or in a bikini.

A recent Instagram post by the dog lover catches the eye. The red-haired beauty poses topless with her dog in her arms. And she presents her cool tattoos to her fans. The colorfully mixed motifs couldn't be more unusual: from a small "Hello Kitty" to a skeleton to a snake that gracefully snakes its way over her right forearm, and the likeness of David Bowie alias "Ziggy Stardust" there are many motifs represented.

Fans are blown away: "You are a beautiful woman"

In her second selfie, the model shows herself even more uncovered and only covers her bare breasts with her arms. Of course, this sexy detail has not escaped her followers either: "You are a beautiful woman", "I love your tattoos" or "Wow, you look so good, I'm just speechless", are just a few of the enthusiastic fan Comments. One user was particularly taken with the little cat with the pink bow: "I love all the tattoos on you, but Hello Kitty will always be my favorite," comments a follower - very impressed by so much colorful body art.

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