Alec Baldwin: Acting comeback after "Rust" tragedy

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Alec Baldwin: Acting comeback after "Rust" tragedy
Alec Baldwin: Acting comeback after "Rust" tragedy

Alec Baldwin makes his comeback in the film business. According to the US industry portal "Deadline", the Hollywood star will appear in two Italian Christmas films. He is said to be in front of the camera with his younger brother William Baldwin.

First projects after "Rust" tragedy

The planned comedies will be a mix of animated and live action films titled Kid Santa and Billie's Magic World. The Baldwin brothers are slated to appear in the live-action portions of the films. According to the report, filming has started in Rome.

The Christmas films would be among the first major projects Alec Baldwin is involved in after the Rust tragedy. Halyna Hutchins, 42, died on the set of the western last October. A prop pistol fired by the father of the family was apparently accidentally loaded with live ammunition. Alec Baldwin has repeatedly stressed that he does not feel responsible for the camerawoman's tragic death.

Lawsuit against Alec Baldwin

Meanwhile, the courts are also dealing with the accident. Hutchins' family has filed a lawsuit against Alec Baldwin and others, as well as production companies. This was also reported by "Deadline", citing relevant court documents.

In the wrongful death lawsuit, the 63-year-old is accused of "reckless" behavior. All of the accused had also acted with gross negligence. Sufficient safety precautions were allegedly not adhered to on the set and complaints about this were ignored several times.

The suspects include Alec Baldwin, gunman Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and assistant director David Halls. He is said to have handed the gun to the main actor before the fatal incident and explained that it was a "cold gun" without live ammunition. The production worker later told the police that he had not checked the gun enough.

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