Fine! "Rust" producers have to pay for fatal shooting on set

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Fine! "Rust" producers have to pay for fatal shooting on set
Fine! "Rust" producers have to pay for fatal shooting on set

Now her careless actions have consequences. Everything changed for Alec Baldwin in 2021. On the set of the western "Rust" he had aimed an accidentally loaded prop gun at the camerawoman and shot her unplanned. A fatal accident that brought hell to earth for the actor. But how could this have happened at all? Blatant safety deficiencies are said to have been the cause of the fatal shot. That's why the makers of the film have to pay now.

It's a tragedy, it's a real loss

The New Mexico Department of Environmental Protection has now announced that a fine has been imposed on the "Rust" producers. They are said to have shown "clear indifference to recognized dangers associated with the use of firearms on set."

Because they accepted obvious security gaps, the described accident happened in which camerawoman Halyna Hutchins lost her life. The supposedly safe prop weapon is said not to have been sufficiently tested in advance.

"What we announce in relation to the investigation into the production of 'Rust' is that we have identified willful and serious violations resulting in a $136,000 subpoena in pen alties for the death of Halyna Hutchins," said James Kenney, a spokesman for the Department of Environment. It is the "maximum fine our property program can impose."The statement also reads, "Through our investigation, we have determined that Rust Productions' failures were both serious and willful. It is a tragedy, it is a real loss."

"Rust" production disagree

The 'Rust' producers have decided to appeal, according to Reuters.

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