Alec Baldwin: New bodycam footage shows him immediately after the "Rust" killer shot

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Alec Baldwin: New bodycam footage shows him immediately after the "Rust" killer shot
Alec Baldwin: New bodycam footage shows him immediately after the "Rust" killer shot

New footage from a body camera video shows the dramatic scenes after the fatal shot. The camerawoman Halyna Hutchins died last fall. The Santa Fe Sheriff's Office released the images as part of the "Rust" investigation. You can see the clips in the video.

Dramatic Scenes

The video also includes actor Alec Baldwin, gun in hand before the tragic incident and after the shooting, with Hutchins lying on the ground surrounded by first responders.

As "CBS News" further reports, photos of the gun and Baldwin's hands after the shot have also been released. The actor also explains to two officers that he did not pull the trigger of the.45 caliber prop gun while rehearsing the scene and that he does not know who put a live cartridge into the gun. "I take the gun out and when the barrel is clear I turn around, cock the gun and it fires," Baldwin says in the video evidence.

The video also features director Joel Souza lying on the ground after being injured by the same bullet that killed Hutchins.

Maximum pen alty for production company for working conditions

In a separate report on working conditions on the "Rust" set, it had previously stated that the production company's management "knew that firearm safety precautions were not being followed on location" and yet "no remedial action was taken" had been. According to the New Mexico Department of Environment's Occupational He alth and Safety Agency's press release Wednesday, Rust Movie Productions, LLC received the maximum possible sentence for "apparent indifference to the apparent dangers associated with the use of firearms on Set that resulted in one death, serious injury and unsafe working conditions".

Baldwin also served as a producer on the film, but does not blame himself for the accident. "I feel like someone is responsible for what happened and I can't say who that is, but I know I'm not," he said previously.

Investigators said they are still awaiting phone records and ballistics information to complete the criminal investigation. According to TMZ information, a lawsuit has already been filed. The investigators have not ruled out such a possibility. But one thing is certain: the “Rust” producers have to pay a fine for the deadly shot on set.

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