Halyna Hutchins' husband outraged at release of 'Rust' set video

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Halyna Hutchins' husband outraged at release of 'Rust' set video
Halyna Hutchins' husband outraged at release of 'Rust' set video

It has been six months since Halyna Hutchins tragically died at the hands of actor Alec Baldwin on the set of Rust. But the case is still in the police mind to this day. That's why the Santa Fe Sheriff's Office has now released previously unseen videos from the body cams of the police officers at the scene. But that was apparently done without consulting the deceased's husband, Matthew Hutchins. He is now outraged about the publication of the recordings showing his wife lying dying and is fighting back.

No clearance from Halyna Hutchins' husband

His lawyer now sent a sharp e-mail, which the online newspaper "TMZ" is said to have, to the responsible sheriff Adan Mendoza. There he says Mendoza violated the dignity and privacy of the Hutchins family by releasing the video and other evidence in the case. According to attorney Panish, the sheriff promised to let Matthew review all of the footage before releasing it. But that didn't happen. In addition, the sheriff did not have to release the new evidence. That was at his discretion and is quite common in the US.

According to his lawyer, Matthew's greatest concern is for his 9-year-old son Andros, who is still struggling with the death of his mother:"For example, we fear that these shocking footage of Andros' dying mother may have been Bullies could be used to emotionally abuse him in the future."

Hutchins' attorney requests removal of evidence

Therefore, the widower's attorney is now asking the sheriff's office to remove the video footage out of respect for "the privacy of the family." "While the damage done by posting this video is irreparable, removing the video will end your office's complicity in causing future harm," TMZ quoted Panish's email as saying.

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