Shock photo: DSDS star Aline Bachmann has bruises everywhere

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Shock photo: DSDS star Aline Bachmann has bruises everywhere
Shock photo: DSDS star Aline Bachmann has bruises everywhere

Dark circles under her eyes, bruises on her chest and arms, a sad look: Aline's photo is hard to bear. But the 25-year-old wants to clarify, she writes. "I was treated like dirt!"

2013 Aline Bachmann became known through her participation in "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". At that time, the singer weighed a lot, but then lost 60 kilograms. In January, she raved about her new, slimmer life with a loving partner at her side in a Promiflash interview. But now love seems to have turned to hate. With her shocking photo, she now shows herself after what she describes as an attack by her ex on Instagram.

This photo says more than a thousand words

"Everything was fine in the beginning, but over time his true face was revealed," Aline describes her ordeal. "Men don't hit women and I hid it for a long time. In his eyes I was a woman who should be oppressed!" She continues. Her partner is said to be to blame for the many injuries on her body.

A person who no longer has a place in her life, says Aline. "I'm free again now and I'll concentrate on what's important again. No man in the world can take my smile away from me." Then she sends a message directly to her alleged tormentor: "These marks you left me will heal over time!"

Aline Bachmann gets a lot of encouragement for the open words

A blatant confession, for which Aline gets a lot of encouragement from her fans. "No woman or man deserves to be treated like a punching bag. Get up and fight back!", A follower encourages others affected. Another feels reminded of her own bad experiences. "You're speaking from my soul… I've had experiences like that before." Many others admire Aline's courage in making her story public. And who knows, when her wounds heal, inside and out, she might finally meet the man who's right for her.

Are you or were you a victim of violence? Contact the violence against women help line: 08000 116 016!

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