Dirk Bach: In love until death

Dirk Bach: In love until death
Dirk Bach: In love until death

Dirk Bach was deeply in love until his death. Thomas G., a computer specialist, was Bach's great love for 17 years. They kept their relationship secret as much as possible. Only for the RTL show 'Who wants to be a millionaire' in 2001 was Thomas officially Bach's lucky charm. It was one of the rare moments that the couple showed themselves in public.

1995 Dirk Bach and Thomas G. met. At that time, the actor tinkered from one violent love to the next. But it was only with the quiet computer specialist that the comedian found happiness. Although Thomas is exactly the opposite of him: tall, quiet, shy and thin.

"Everything happened very quickly with him," Dirk Bach is said to have said. "You meet someone and that's it. Then someone came who loved me with all their might."

In 1999, Dirk Bach promised to marry his 'Thömchen' - as he called him - in Florida. But they didn't get married until the end. They lived together for 17 years. Thomas ran the household while Dirk made a career. They enjoyed their life together, children were not on the agenda.

At only 44 years old, Thomas is now a widower. He will give Bach a fitting farewell. No public funeral service is planned, instead books of condolence are to be laid out in which friends and fans can leave their personal dedications to Bach. "His partner takes care of everything," Bach's father Willi told the "Express" newspaper."It's the last thing Thomas can do for his loved one."

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