Dirk Bach died of heart failure

Dirk Bach died of heart failure
Dirk Bach died of heart failure

After Dirk Bach's sudden death, it was previously unclear how the entertainer died. Heart failure as a possible cause of death was quickly suspected due to Bach's previous heart problems. As the 'dpa' reports, drugs for high blood pressure, heart failure and cholesterol-lowering drugs were found in Bach's apartment. Now the public prosecutor's office actually declares the assumptions to be official. The entertainer most likely died of heart failure.

Bach's companions also report he alth problems."He said he was very stressed at the moment because he was rehearsing for this play and the rehearsals were very exhausting. But that was the only thing that made him seem tired," says Peer Kusmagk in an interview with n -tv. Other friends report that the 51-year-old rarely took a break. He loved being on stage or in front of the camera.

Nevertheless, his condition is said not to have been critical: "We all assessed him as he althy as far as possible. He has spoken to friends about heart problems that he is having treated, but it was not saved as serious or had it in mind. We actually thought he was life in bloom," said RTL exclusive presenter Kena Amoa.

Moderator Jürgen Domian also puzzles over the death of his friend in his show 'Domian': "He had recovered well and was checked again by a doctor. We don't know what happened and we can't explain it ".

Holger Freund, spokesman for the public prosecutor's office, confirmed according to 'bunte.de' that the investigation had been stopped because it was not assumed that there was any third-party fault. The cause of death 'heart failure' is official and Bach's body is now officially released for burial.

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