Sophia Thomalla: Rare photo with her divorced parents

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Sophia Thomalla: Rare photo with her divorced parents
Sophia Thomalla: Rare photo with her divorced parents

A terribly young at heart family. In a rare photo, Sophia Thomalla and her divorced parents smile at the camera. And the good mood was no accident. Because Simone Thomalla, André Vetters and their daughter had something to celebrate. You can see how the sweet meeting went in the video above.

Beautiful family reunion of the Thomallas

Although you don't look at the actress: Mother Simone turned 57 on Monday, April 11th. The beautiful event was apparently celebrated the previous evening, as the family snapshot proves. In the snapshot, the trio looks like a picture book family. And that despite the divorce. In the middle, father André beams cheekily, his glasses “parked” in his hair and simply chic in a navy-colored polo shirt. The theater actor is framed by his ladies. On the left his brunette ex-girlfriend, on the right the blonde woman's daughter.

Remarkable: They look almost outrageously good and young, these Thomallas! The outdated macho lyre in which male lovers pretend to confuse a woman's mother with her sister: Here she would almost be believable.


Great mood, great styling at Sophia Thomalla

"Mother, father, child", writes Sophia's mom to the successful picture. While you're still wondering if they all fell into a fountain of youth, Sophia's figure can be admired at the same time.

In another post, the "Date or Drop" presenter shows herself in full fashion. The full-body photo from "One Night in Berlin", as the post says, shows her super styled. Shimmering vinyl pants, a casual blazer and tank top combination, a look at the trained stomach, hair sitting perfectly like in a commercial: That's how she could go straight in front of the "Are You The One?" camera.

Sophia Thomalla's father avoids the limelight

1988 Simone and André got together. Three years later they got married. Then in 1995 the end of love.

André Vetters avoids the limelight. The family photo is an absolute rarity. All the more beautiful now the snapshot of the terribly beautiful family…

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