Beatrice Egli leaves fans speechless with a hot bikini photo

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Beatrice Egli leaves fans speechless with a hot bikini photo
Beatrice Egli leaves fans speechless with a hot bikini photo

Red hearts, blazing flames and eyes that shine like stars. What reads like the lyrics to one of Beatrice Egli's countless hits is actually the comment column of her current post on Instagram. Because with a photo by the lake, she almost leaves her followers speechless. How good that there are emojis that speak for themselves.

Beatrice gathers new strength for her tour

"I love to jump into the lake on such a hot day in the evening," writes the 34-year-old on Instagram. You can see the singer in front of the most beautiful sunset, standing with her feet in the water. A hat sits on her head, including her wet hair – as Beatrice wrote, just before this photo she probably jumped into the cool water. Pure cooling.

They could probably use one or the other follower. Because Beatrice is wearing nothing but a colorful bikini and a fairly transparent yellow shirt over it. How much the native Swiss enjoys this moment can be seen from the smile on her face. β€œIt really is one of my favorite power places. Where are yours?” she asks her fans. The bikini post is a bit of a rarity. Beatrice regularly presents her cool stage outfits on Instagram. In her feed on the social media platform, however, her last bikini post was more than a year ago.

Strong sign from the 34-year-old

But the photo and especially her smile still carry an important message. In the fall of 2021, Beatrice spoke openly about struggling with nasty sayings about her character at the beginning of her career. Even then she had had enough of body shaming! Haters, envious people, or whatever you want to call them, puts them in their place once again with this photo.

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