Selena Gomez apologizes to Hailey Bieber's fans after allegations of bullying

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Selena Gomez apologizes to Hailey Bieber's fans after allegations of bullying
Selena Gomez apologizes to Hailey Bieber's fans after allegations of bullying

When Selena Gomez posted a skincare tutorial on TikTok earlier this week, she probably didn't expect such a violent reaction. Fans of model Hailey Bieber were sure: Selena mocked her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber's wife with her clip. In a comment, the singer apologizes to the model's fans.

Selena Gomez creates drama with TikTok video


As a successful supermodel, Hailey Bieber cares deeply about her skin. Justin Bieber's wife regularly shares videos of her skincare routine on TikTok, inspiring her fans.

In the style of Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez also showed how she cares for her skin in a TikTok video. Selena's tutorial looked suspiciously similar to Hailey Bieber's regularly shared clips. The only difference: Selena looks visibly annoyed into the camera and even rolls her eyes from time to time. Is the singer making fun of Hailey Bieber?

Hailey Bieber's fans didn't like Selena's TikTok video at all. Followers of Justin Bieber's wife suspected there was a nasty taunt behind the clip and apparently left angry comments.

Selena Gomez: "I'm really sorry"

Selena Gomez didn't leave the hate speculation untouched. The singer responded with a now-deleted comment just below the video. "That's why I think it's important to take care of your mental he alth. Guys, I have no idea what I did, but I'm really sorry. Zero bad intentions," the former teen idol wrote, before completely disabling comments.

The singer probably wanted to make it clear with her comment that she had no intention of attacking Hailey Bieber and her fans with her skincare tutorial.

Targeting Hailey and Selena

Before Hailey Bieber became Justin Bieber's wife, Selena Gomez dated the singer. From 2011 to 2018, the two former teenage idols are said to have had a wild on-off relationship and were at times considered THE dream couple. Shortly after the two went their separate ways, Justin and Hailey's happiness followed – apparently a thorn in the side of some fans.

The fans keep making accusations and reproaches. No one emerges as a winner, as both Hailey and Selena feel the hatred of each other's fan base.

It was only in April that Hailey Bieber made it clear to her haters with a desperate message on TikTok that she had had enough of nasty comments. "Leave me alone! Enough time has passed now. I mind my business. I do nothing, I say nothing. please leave me alone I beg you. For real. That's my only request. Be unhappy somewhere else, please,” she appealed to the haters.

So in the end, both Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez seem to have had enough of fan speculation.

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