This is why Selena Gomez is so popular with her co-stars

This is why Selena Gomez is so popular with her co-stars
This is why Selena Gomez is so popular with her co-stars

Only Murders in the Building season two begins June 28 on Disney+. Selena Gomez is once again seen alongside acting heavyweights Steve Martin and Martin Short. The three play mismatched neighbors Mabel Mora, Charles-Haden Savage and Oliver Putnam, who work together on a true-crime podcast following a murder in their New York City home.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the co-stars rave about their interaction."I love our crew. It's so much fun," says Gomez. In the second season they really grew together like on the show, Steve Martin put it in a nutshell.

In the first season, your roles still doubted each other. In the meantime, the friends seem to trust each other blindly. What's it like watching your characters grow?

Martin Short: It's always exciting to see how characters develop. The more you play them, the more you understand them. When I started filming the first season, I didn't understand my character as well as I did in the third or fourth episode. You keep developing. So it's exciting to grow into a character as an actor.

Steve Martin: It also refers to the three of us. When we were shooting season one, I knew Marty, but we didn't really know Selena, and she didn't know us. So there was some uncertainty. But in season two, we're really like the show.

Short: The difference is that we knew about Selena. But she was just one of the featured names.

Martin: When we first met Selena, I said, "We're colleagues". And she just said, "Oh".

Selena Gomez: Liar! No, it was fantastic. I'm just so glad we all got a groove. And that's exactly what Steve said. Of course we all have that now. And I feel like I'm part of the crew.

Steve Martin and Martin Short: What have you learned from Selena Gomez?

Martin: I've learned that youth isn't so bad.

Short: The generation gap is there when someone wants it, but it's not there when you don't.

Do you share the same sense of humour?

Short: Steve and I have worked together for many years. One of the reasons we're so successful together is that we share a comedic sensibility. But Selena quickly stepped in as an equal partner.

Gomez: It was really fun. I find her hilarious. Honest. Maybe sometimes I don't understand what they're saying, but I find it really funny.

Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne played a special role for your character. Is she a good kisser?

Gomez: The whole thing was really fun. I've known Cara for years and we're friends. I love her. We had a great time. She was great.

Steve Martin, you said you live in a building like the Arconia. In the series, strangers come into the apartments and the residents wonder how. Did you check the walls after filming?

Martin: The idea of the walls came from a specific case here in my house. Someone wanted to merge their two apartments. The building management said no because that's not in the original plans. The owner found the original plans. Both apartments were connected by a staircase that was now hidden. The whole premise is based on an actual fact in my building.

Short: Who is that? The person must be very rich.

Martin: It's quite an expensive building.

Martin Short, your character Oliver seems to enjoy media attention. While the other two stand back. Is this the case in real life?

Short: Let's look at the media attention. Oliver's a little more desperate than me to get attention because he's had ten tough years in show business. But I think attention is fantastic. Go ahead, Steve.

Martin: Marty has never seen a camera he didn't love.

Short: That's true.

Was there a special moment during filming that you will always remember fondly?

Gomez: I love our crew. This is so much fun. I miss Marty screaming "Bernardo", our nice crew members and I just miss the atmosphere. It doesn't feel like work.

Martin: Also, it's the first time in my entire career that when you've done something funny, you look at the crew and you see them laughing behind a mask.

Steve Martin, you helped create the series and are therefore actually the boss of the two…

Martin: I'm not the boss of anything. With every suggestion, I feel it: it will go out into the world and then collapse and crash.

Short: What I enjoy most about season two is when Steve suggests something and then looks into the eyes of all the writers and producers.

The chemistry between you three is right. What do you think is the reason for this?

Gomez: We all have the same work ethic and just who we are. We really want the set to feel great and be light and fun. We all have the same interest in doing a good job and getting the job done, but also in having fun.

Short: The scripts are very well written. The authors have created interacting characters who care about each other and show empathy, understanding as well as bite, but also compassion.

Selena Gomez, you are a role model for millions of young women. Is this something you enjoy?

Gomez: It's fine. One day it will be someone else. I just have to do what I'm doing and see it through. But one day I'll be an old hand and that's okay.

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