Heidi Klum enjoys a break at the beach

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Heidi Klum enjoys a break at the beach
Heidi Klum enjoys a break at the beach

Heidi Klum mainly uses her Instagram profile for sexy photos, promo for her TV shows and snapshots from her glamorous life. But every now and then the supermodel surprises her fans with insights into her family life. The model mom has now shared one of these rare family pictures with her community. On it you can see: Heidi with her rattle band on the beach. It is striking how big the Klum kids have already become.

Klum kids soon to be big in business?

Actually one can no longer speak of kids here. In terms of size, Heidi's children have already caught up with their 1.78 m tall mom. Johan and Henry are even as tall as Heidi's husband Tom Kaulitz. And when it comes to careers, they are well on their way to being big. At least the 18-year-old Leni is already doing that in the modeling business. Shouldn't be too long before her little sister Lou and her brothers do the same as the 18-year-old.

How big they've gotten

Will the careers the Klums pursue will be as varied and colorful as the beachwear they sport in the snap? No matter what you decide, you can be sure of the support of Mama Heidi, Papa Seal, steppapa Tom and Uncle Bill Kaulitz.

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