Sarah Kuttner: Bad racism? This is how she defends herself after a violent shitstorm

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Sarah Kuttner: Bad racism? This is how she defends herself after a violent shitstorm
Sarah Kuttner: Bad racism? This is how she defends herself after a violent shitstorm

Subtle everyday racism - still an issue in our enlightened world and in the times of the "Black Lives Matter" movement, although it really shouldn't be one anymore.

Even presenter Sarah Kuttner does not seem to have understood the effects of her actions. In the podcast "Hotel Matze" by Matze Hielscher in June 2022, she chatted uncritically about discriminatory language - and used the N-word several times. Weeks later, she now receives a violent Shitstorm. Will her apology video polish up her scratched image?

Everyday and word racism still an issue in 2022

Countless black people still suffer from discrimination - and that will not change if whites continue to play down racist language. Sarah Kuttner sees it differently: "I generally think that you should say every word in the world, of course you have to be careful not to actively hurt people. Just something like the N-word”, she had recently made her point clear in the “Hotel Matze” podcast and then even got carried away to say the hurtful word behind the abbreviation out loud – several times!

While podcast host Matze has still attempted to intervene, Sarah has continued to elaborate on her racist views. "I'm really wondering, is it [the N-word, ed. Red.] prohibited by the Basic Law?” In addition, in her opinion, it is part of humor to also be allowed to name “uncomfortable things”.

Views for which the ex-Viva presenter now has to take a lot of criticism.

Activist "Quattromilf" opposes

Jasmina Kuhnke aka Quattromilf is an anti-racism activist and can't believe the podcast episode is still online. On her social media channels, she now angrily shared excerpts from Sarah Kuttner's podcast statements and later complained to Instagram: "She doesn't understand that the reproduction is already hurtful." And Jasmina, who has roots in Croatia and West Africa, will even clearer: "Dear colleagues, you score and it hurts - it hurts every damn time."

Sarah Kuttner takes a stand

Meanwhile, Sarah Kuttner seems to have understood that she made a massive mistake. In her apology video on her Instagram channel, she is visibly touched and wears sunglasses in front of the camera because she is "a bit weepy about the subject". It was embarrassing for her and she urgently wanted to clarify.

After extensively recounting what happened in the podcast in June, she explains the background to her racist lapse. “I really wanted to be able to talk about it: is that possible? Can you ban a word? How could it be done better?” And further: “I don't want anyone to have to hear the N-word and here's the point I got wrong. I used the word to get the point across because I thought: Look, it's just a word, everyone knows what's behind the N anyway, it doesn't make anything better. I'm afraid it'll make things worse." Rather, she wanted to point out that the word should be completely banned because the abbreviation "N-word" could be used carelessly to further subliminally discriminate.

And because Sarah knows, "I often think louder and faster than I should", she wants to apologize to everyone formally."I said the word and that's exactly what's stupid about it. I know that the word not only annoys, annoys, hurts or makes angry, but that it triggers, that it can cause serious mental injury. I understand it. I really want to apologize for that.” At no time did she have “evil in mind” when she rumbled off. After all, she herself has experienced a lot of crap and doesn't want to hurt anyone. Finally, she states again: "I'm really sorry, it was never on purpose. But I want to be able to talk, I want to be able to at least question things, I want to understand things. And that's what I wanted at that moment."

Quattromilf appreciates apologies

Meanwhile, the apology video has also arrived at Quattromilf and seems to have made them at least partially mellow. She explains: "To her credit, she immediately spoke up and took a stand, which others, even today, do not do or have not done. And insight is known to be the first step to improvement. And after this incident, Sarah will probably reconsider her statements.

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