Ryan Gosling loves his "Barbie" Margot Robbie

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Ryan Gosling loves his "Barbie" Margot Robbie
Ryan Gosling loves his "Barbie" Margot Robbie

Ryan Gosling can play anything - even a plastic guy! The actor is currently providing colorful and crazy pictures on the set of the "Barbie" film adaptation. New photos show the beautiful boy in a flashy outfit inline skating, together with actress Margot Robbie aka "Barbie". You can see the very special pictures of the shooting in the video above.

"Ken" Gosling brings laughter to US beach

Ken Gosling! The Hollywood pro slips into the skin of "Ken", the friend of the plastic doll Barbie, for what is probably the strangest film adaptation of these days. Footage shows the beauty and his platinum blonde "girlfriend" on Los Angeles' famous Venice Beach. Both Ryan and fellow actor Margot were inline skating along the busy beach promenade.

And even the Americans, who are really used to a lot when it comes to weird birds - especially on Venice Beach - look at the couple with amusement, laughing and smiling when the pictures are taken. Not surprising when you look at the outfits of the two. Loud neon colors, colorful patterns, pink, yellow and funny peaked caps ensure a candy-like explosion of color for the actor duo!

In addition to the looks, the plot of the film is also pretty flashy. The film takes place in the fictional "Barbieland", a colorful place where only Barbies and Kens live. As the story progresses, Ryan and Margot's characters want to leave the strange land, but Mattel's CEO, played by comedian Will Ferrell, wants to prevent that.

Mattel is the second largest toy manufacturer in the world after Lego and created the Barbie doll. The odd spectacle is slated to hit theaters in the US on July 21, 2023.

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