Love from Marcellino Kremers & Dijana Cvijetic

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Love from Marcellino Kremers & Dijana Cvijetic
Love from Marcellino Kremers & Dijana Cvijetic

It's official now: Marcellino Kremers and Dijana Cvijetic are going their separate ways. After much speculation, the former "Battle of the Reality Stars" couple has now confirmed their love off for the first time.

No happy ending with Marcellino & Dijana

After former "Love Island" contestant Marcellino Kremers hadn't reported back on social media for months, fans were already concerned. Since Dijana Cvijetic also held back with further information, some followers were already speculating about a possible separation of the reality TV couple. The gloomy foreboding has been confirmed. The TV asterisks are finally breaking their silence in their Instagram stories.

"For a long time I tried to hide my pain, although 90 percent of you saw and felt everything. This is the hardest thing I'm writing right now, but you already knew it. Marcellino & I broke up", are Dijana's emotional words, wishing her ex-boyfriend all the best.

Marcellino is stunned

Marcellino was apparently surprised at his ex-girlfriend's sudden mood to chat: "The very sudden statement surprised me myself, because unfortunately it differs significantly from our private conversations. Unfortunately, social media presence seems to be much more important to many people than real life these days," he reported in his Instagram story, thus ending his break from the platform.

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