Will Smith ostracized after Oscars slap? These consequences threaten the actor now

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Will Smith ostracized after Oscars slap? These consequences threaten the actor now
Will Smith ostracized after Oscars slap? These consequences threaten the actor now

The slap scandal at the 94th Oscars ceremony is still on everyone's lips. In particular, the public focus is on Will Smith, who sparked the scandal with his attack on comedian Chris Rock. What consequences could the actor face now? It is already rumored that the Hollywood star could lose his Academy Award. But there are other conceivable sanctions that could threaten Jada Pinkett Smith's man.

Will Smith has been in good standing for decades

Will Smith has been a fixture in Hollywood's A-League for three decades. Does the actor have to say goodbye to this elite soon? Smith's violent outburst at the Oscars not only came as a shock to his devoted fans, but also to the many studio operators, directors, producers and advisors who have followed the actor over the years. Will they now turn their backs on him? Experts from the industry are currently discussing possible pen alties and consequences.

Expulsion from Oscar Academy

One studio thinks the proper response from the Academy would be to permanently ban Smith - which might even do him a favour. "It won't affect his career, but people will think he got his sentence and we can forgive him," the insider told the Washington Post.

The actor would still be eligible for future awards. A temporary suspension from the Academy would also be possible. Smith could lose his Academy membership for six months or a year.

Loss his Oscars

The rumor that Will Smith could lose his Oscar for his role in "King Richard" seems unlikely to many in the industry. "I don't think [the Academy] is going to take the Oscar away from him," said Matthew Belloni, a former editor of The Hollywood Reporter, who was also in the Oscar audience for work and he deserves it, but the punishment will be for his behavior,” he continues.

Fewer role offers

An industry expert from The Hollywood Reporter believes the scandal could affect the actor's role offers. Anyone who would cast Smith in a film or series would have to weigh the challenge of promoting a project that could inevitably be linked to the scandal.

"I think [studios] would think twice - do they need the hassle?" he says. "Anyone would make the equation. I have Will Smith, but now I have this baggage and they will Show the slap again. Do I need that?", explains the expert, alluding to further reporting on the scandal and possible uncomfortable reporter questions.

Loss of fans and status

While the altercation will almost certainly remain a topic of conversation, industry insiders don't believe the incident will completely derail Smith's career. Provided he operates the necessary damage limitation. For example, if he publicly reconciled with Chris Rock, it could boost his image. This could also prevent him from being considered persona non grata in Hollywood in the future and no longer being invited to TV shows and events.

"I can't imagine a world where filmmakers wouldn't want to work with Will Smith," a senior film executive who asked to remain anonymous told Variety. alienated some of his audience."

Probably just a minor setback

While it seems clear that the Oscar Academy will take action to discipline Will Smith after the infamous slap in the face, the prevailing view in Hollywood is that the incident will prove to be at best a minor setback in the long star's acting career.

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