"Germany's next top model": It's going to be very tight for a model

"Germany's next top model": It's going to be very tight for a model
"Germany's next top model": It's going to be very tight for a model

Already at the beginning of the ninth episode of "Germany's next top model" Lieselotte is struggling with the aftermath of the last week. As a reminder: Instead of floating down the catwalk as a graceful fashion alien, she used gestures and facial expressions as if she were seeing the world for the first time. In the villa, she now explains to the other models why that was. She would not have understood a word of the instruction given by the English-speaking designers. The fact that they felt "kidded" by their poses is particularly bad for them."Nice dress and Lieselotte is doing something? Totally wrong!" She despairs with tears.

Barbie Ferry Topia

This week's shoot might suit her playful nature better: the models wear dresses made out of countless little stuffed animals. To do this, they hang in the air in groups of three on oversized emojis and are supposed to come out of themselves as an oversized baby mobile in front of the camera. Before that, drag queen Pabllo Vittar gives tips and motivation: "Be exaggerated and self-confident."

Sophie is immediately in her element and is happy: "Oh my God, Barbie-Ferry-Topia!" Your group only gets praise from Heidi and the photographer: "You were a very, very good team!" It won't be that easy for the others. They twirl like flags in the wind and have a hard time posing. "It's a tumbling and dangling up there!" giggles Heidi and Pabllo from below. Things get particularly dramatic for Lieselotte, who has to break off after her breakfast burger comes back from her stomach. Annalotta afterwards: "If Lieselotte messes it up again, that's it for her." However, the photographer wasn't satisfied with Annalotta's performance either…

Sophie gives everything - just nothing real

The following is a surprise casting for six participants who are allowed to present themselves at Levi's in teams of two: Inka and Sophie, Vivien and Amaya, Noëlla and Juliana. The women should style their outfits themselves in 40 minutes and shoot an Instagram reel. The time pressure and the different personalities don't make it easy. This is particularly noticeable in the case of the extroverted Sophie and the reserved Inka.

Sophie can be described as the most dogged "GNTM" candidate of all time - she would have done everything for the job. In the feedback discussion, however, the customer tells her that this is exactly why she didn't get the job."She showed us what she thought we wanted to see, not her authentic self," reads the criticism. Because of their "rough" honesty, Noëlla and Juliana eventually get the job - although they made a few mistakes. In order to finish Sophie off completely, Inka is also invited to the photo shoot. "It makes me feel even worse and devalued," Sophie said.

Heidi's Big Mouth

The next day, guest judge Nikeata Thompson whips the women into a fearless elimination walk. They wear elegant, fiery red dresses with a slit, cut-outs and a 25 meter long train and are allowed to strut out of Heidi's larger-than-life mouth down a black, shiny catwalk. Most of them are happy about the comparatively simple power walk and scream after their performances: "That was so cool!"

A lot is going wrong again with Annalotta and Lieselotte. Annalotta has problems with the music and her train and Lieselotte is doing a lot again - watching, sneaking, dancing - just not a "normal" catwalk. Nikeata summarizes, bewildered: "To be honest, there were a lot of strange moments." The conversation afterwards. "Didn't we talk last week about not doing it this week?" Asks Heidi disappointed. "That you show that you can also do things elegantly, very simply, very casually?" Lieselotte explains that she doesn't know what she looks like on the catwalk.

Annalotta, who didn't convince either at the shooting or at the walk, also noticed negatively. This means that both candidates are on the brink of extinction - actually. A customer wants to see Lieselotte for a casting next week, which saves her from being thrown out. Annalotta isn't that lucky and has to go home as a lonely Lottchen.

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