Danni Büchner is bursting at the seams: "It's just annoying!"

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Danni Büchner is bursting at the seams: "It's just annoying!"
Danni Büchner is bursting at the seams: "It's just annoying!"

Dani Büchner just made headlines with an alleged new romance with "Frist Dates Hotel" contestant Nelson Mendes. But the 44-year-old is no longer interested in the recurring rumors of love. Her insta story is now really bursting: "It's just annoying!" Danni makes it clear: There is no relationship with Nelson - but that's not all: Nobody knows how her life really works!

Yes, they call every day

It is noticeable to Danni Büchner: She is seething. She has to get rid of something that's really on her mind: "People, people, people! I think we really have a lot worse problems in this world right now…" the reality TV star begins his Insta story. It's about the latest rumors about her love life. Sparked by an interview with Closer newspaper that gave their alleged new romance to Nelson.

"It annoys me and it annoys me too when stupid, underexposed people comment on something they have no idea about." Pretty harsh words Danni finds for those in her relationship with Nelson have imputed to Mendes. "There is hardly anyone who has any idea about my life, okay?!", She continues her angry announcement and is probably alluding to her turbulent love life in recent weeks.

In terms of love, there are ups and downs with Danni

Danni Büchner made several headlines last year with her on-off relationship with pop singer Ennesto Monté. After some back and forth, the relationship finally ended in July 2021. A few weeks ago, the 44-year-old beamed at the side of "Goodbye Germany" emigrant Sohel Abdoulkhanzadeh. But shortly after they made their relationship public, the short-term liaison was over again! Sohel broke up with Danni via WhatsApp! The fact that there are rumors again is too much for the mother of five children.

"Well, I'm not in a relationship, nor do I want to be in a relationship, nor am I flirting with anyone and that's how it turned out in my crazy love life…", says Danni, before her daughter Joelina, who sitting next to her mother in the car, agreeing supportively: "No one can do anything for that!"

Nelson Mendes also speaks out

But not only Danni reacts to the relationship rumors on Instagram. Nelson Mendes uses his profile to parody German celebrities. In the past he has also targeted Danni once or twice. They got to know each other and – very importantly – became friends. In an interview with "Closer" he revealed that the two are in contact every day.

Many people seem to have misunderstood this: "It's nothing reprehensible that we write or call every day, it's what you do with friends. I do the same thing with other friends and that doesn't mean that I have a relationship with them too! A man and a woman can be friends these days without having anything to do with each other!” The rumors of a romance or even a relationship are simply lies.

A relationship denial could not be clearer.

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