Boris Becker: So this is where he left all his money

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Boris Becker: So this is where he left all his money
Boris Becker: So this is where he left all his money

The headlines about Boris Becker in the past few months have revolved around his difficult financial situation: several creditors have demanded large sums from the tennis legend, and bankruptcy proceedings were also underway against him in London. The public asked itself: where did all the money actually go? Now Becker took a stand himself and answered the question on Instagram.

The clip is well received

There he uploaded a clip of him sitting on a bed. With a serious expression, he speaks into the camera and says: "Today I would like to officially comment on the question: 'Where did Boris Becker leave all his money?'" Then it was quiet for a moment, he made himself on the bed comfortable and puts his feet up. He turns on the TV, the noise says a tennis match is playing in the background. Becker laughs: "Not here anyway!" before the advertising slogan "Stay overnight for 49 euros" is displayed.

Now it's clear: The clip is not a serious statement about his financial situation, but just an advertising stunt for a hotel chain that advertises particularly low prices.

The fact that the ex-professional athlete takes aim at himself is mostly well received by his fans. They wrote comments like "That's how we know you, you still have the humor", "Great!" under the clip. or "That's really great! That's how you deal with the whole thing. Very good". One of the more critical comments was: "If he does this kind of job 400 more times, at least he'll be debt-freeā€¦"

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