Relationship between Melania and Donald Trump is said to remain "strained"

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Relationship between Melania and Donald Trump is said to remain "strained"
Relationship between Melania and Donald Trump is said to remain "strained"

Is this really a happy marriage? The latest sex revelations surrounding US President Donald Trump's long-standing affair with porn star 'Stormy Daniels' seem to have left their mark on Melania Trump as well.

She didn't accompany him to Switzerland

Originally, the First Lady wanted to accompany the US President to the World Economic Forum in Davos. But shortly before departure, she changed her mind and canceled. US media immediately speculated that the cancellation was related to the story revealed by the Wall Street Journal in mid-January that Donald Trump had 130 to the porn actress through his lawyer. Paid $000 in hush money.

Florida instead of Davos

Melania didn't get on the plane to Davos on Thursday, but on the plane to Mar-a-Lago, the Trumps' vacation home in Florida. This trip was not planned. Just 28 hours later she returned to Washington D. C. back to meet her husband again. But she only seems to have done that for publicity.

As the British newspaper "Daily Mail" claims to have learned from White House sources, Melania spent a few nights in a hotel in Washington before her spontaneous trip to Florida. In general, she should rarely sleep in the White House. She spends three to four days a week outside, according to an allegedly well-informed Daily Mail source. It is said that Melania often travels to New York. Unlike other First Ladies, she rarely comes into the President's office in the West Wing.

Melania "hit hard" by the porn affair

Staff said the Stormy Daniels affair "hit Melania hard, upset and humiliated," according to the insider. Her relationship with President Trump has been "strained" since then. Their public appearances would also testify to a broken relationship between the couple. Melania often seems "very robotic", smiles briefly for the press and then goes her own way. "Melania appears to be actively limiting the time she spends with her husband," the insider is quoted as saying.

But even before she canceled Switzerland, there should have been the first signs of Melania's displeasure. So it's been more than two weeks since the 47-year-old last spoke in public. She also only posted a picture of herself for her husband's one-year anniversary - no trace of an emotional relationship with Trump. The same applies to their 13th wedding anniversary. Both spouses let this pass by last Monday without comment.

Melania's spokeswoman meanwhile denied the rumors on Twitter with the words: BREAKING! The list of dirty laundry, salacious, and downright false reports from tabloids and TV shows about Mrs. Trump is now seeping into the mainstream media as well. Her focus is on her family and her role as First Lady-rather than the unrealistic scenarios that fake news peddles every day.”

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