Hollywood Uprising: Stars raise their voices against Donald Trump

Hollywood Uprising: Stars raise their voices against Donald Trump
Hollywood Uprising: Stars raise their voices against Donald Trump

More and more stars like Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna are raising their voices against the new US President Donald Trump.

It must be unbelievable things going on when the gossip headlines in Hollywood after a ceremony like the SAG Awards are not about the usual "Best Dressed" lists, but about the political statements of the stars. Donald Trump has been US President for less than two weeks, but his radical and xenophobic decisions in office have turned Hollywood upside down.

California being extremely liberal is nothing new. But this is no longer a question of "Democrat" or "Republican". After the election, some still thought, “Well, wait and see. Maybe it won't be THAT bad…", one hears the question more and more these days: "How crazy is the man actually?" And more and more people are demanding the so-called "Calexit". So the independence of the state from the USA.

Right at the forefront: The Hollywood stars. The excitement among celebs is now so great that many have stopped posting vacation snaps or flawless selfies on their social media accounts. Instead, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook are used as mouthpieces to counter current events and the politics of "The Man in Chief". The "Muslim Ban" in particular is being tweeted, posted and texted like crazy.

Right at the front: Ashton Kutcher. The actor not only heralded the presentation of the SAG Awards on Sunday with a political statement, a little later he also posted on Twitter how much the entry ban affects him personally. Referring to his wife Mila Kunis, Ashton tweeted: "My wife came to this country on a refugee visa in the middle of the Cold War. My blood boils with anger.” His colleague Seth Rogen also spoke up and wrote that his family fled Russia and found a home in America. Bruce Springsteen, on the other hand, called the ban "undemocratic and deeply un-American." And Dev Patel told reporters he felt like he was stuck in a nightmare while Kerry Washington wore a safety pin on her designer gown. She wanted to make it clear that "there are more important things than an award ceremony at the moment".

But the list of Trump opponents is of course much longer. Jennifer Lawrence wrote that she is praying for sanity and compassion to return to the White House. Jennifer Lopez also spoke of a nightmare, Rihanna wrote that she was "disgusted," and according to TMZ, Madonna could soon release an anti-Trump song.

It is hardly to be expected that the protests in Hollywood will decrease in the near future. Because many stars will certainly use the Oscars this year to protest and to vent their displeasure. Some are even now calling for a complete cancellation of the awards ceremony because Iranian Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi is also affected by the entry ban.

To what extent the current celebrity riot actually has an impact is of course difficult to say. But I'll put it this way: If even a Kim Kardashian stops marketing herself and instead posts political statistics, then Donald Trump should actually understand: The sht hit the fan!

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