"The Batman": Ben Affleck does not direct

"The Batman": Ben Affleck does not direct
"The Batman": Ben Affleck does not direct

Director, producer and leading actor in personal union. Apparently, Ben Affleck took on too much – and now he has seen it. Because he "can't do all the jobs at the required level," Affleck is now directing The Batman. However, he remains the hero and producer of the Dark Knight's solo adventure.

Affleck clarified in an interview with Variety that he still has a lot of interest in the film: "I'm still in it and we're making this film, but right now we're looking for a director. I remain fully behind this project and look forward to bringing it to life for fans around the world."

There are already preferred candidates

So Affleck and the production company Warner go looking for a suitable director together. And according to "Variety", a list of preferred candidates has already been drawn up internally. According to insiders, Matt Reeves is said to be on the list. The industry portal "Deadline" also brought Matt Ross into play as another candidate.

Does his resignation have other reasons?

The fact that this step actually has a completely different background does not seem to be the case. As "Variety" further reports, citing anonymous sources, this step was taken solely for the benefit of the film and not because Affleck's last gig as director of "Live by Night" turned out to be a flop. In Germany, the gangster epic will flicker across the screens from February 2nd. There is no official start date for "The Batman" yet.

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