Final day in the jungle camp: Menderes is the king of the jungle

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Final day in the jungle camp: Menderes is the king of the jungle
Final day in the jungle camp: Menderes is the king of the jungle

And that's how the tenth edition of "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!" after 16 days an end. For the anniversary season, all three finalists had to prove themselves again in sometimes more, sometimes less stomach-churning tasks. But even though fighting pig Thorsten Legat gave more than everything and Sophia Wollersheim was able to prove her swallowing skills, the favorite and popular figure Menderes Bagci triumphed in the end. From now on he can boast of being the jubilee king of the jungle and belongs to the illustrious circle of winners such as Costa Cordalis, Désirée Nick or Brigitte Nielsen.

"Come on" beats "Kasalla"

Best Friends

"She has a shitty soul" – the grief over Helena Fürst's departure was not very great for Sophia, to put it mildly. Thorsten even raised both fists in the air and screamed ecstatically, as if he had just won the European Cup with FC Remscheid - or something like that.

If you want to eat, you have to suffer

All three finalists had to serve in the final exams. Each of them determined the quality of the hangman's meal before the big showdown by the number of stars earned. Thorsten fought for the starter, Sophia for the main course, Menderes for the dessert.

It was appropriate for the ex-soccer player to eat grass or dirt. Because, unexpectedly, Kasalla is not an abbreviation for cockroaches and dyslexic sallamanders. He only had to crawl through three Plexiglas tubes. Speaking of which: At the end of the first disgusting tunnel, tried and tested by spiders, cockroaches and mealworms, snakes were actually waiting for Thorsten, in whose unwelcome presence he had to grab a star with his tongue. But of course no problem for Terminator Thorsten. And in the other tunnels, too, he stayed cool despite mud crabs, rats, meat waste and slime and collected the maximum number of points. Kasala!


Sophia had her own private five-course menu. She was spoiled for choice every time - in addition to a suitably disgusting jungle meal, she could also choose a favorite dish - but then the exam would be lost immediately. But Sophia resisted the temptation and bravely swallowed through fish eyes, pig testicles, crocodile mumu and deer blood. She only had something against the still scurrying mealworms: "We have the living animals and I have something against that. I don't want to kill any animals." All in all, that's a proud four stars.


All the lights went out for Menderes during his exam. His task: to remain in an underground chamber for as long as possible while more and more snakes maul him. In the end there are 40 of them, but Menderes didn't care about his roommates and even got the five stars better than Thorsten. And he had previously "made the impossible possible".

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