Heidi Klum: Baby on the way? Baggy shirt as a pregnancy test

Heidi Klum: Baby on the way? Baggy shirt as a pregnancy test
Heidi Klum: Baby on the way? Baggy shirt as a pregnancy test

We admit it: It's not easy being a celebrity in the public eye. The sentence "my stomach belongs to me" does not apply here. It goes without saying that the middle of Heidi Klum's body is also examined closely. Or to put it more precisely: What is the model wearing OVER his stomach? In Heidi's case, the mere wearing of a baggy shirt led to the whole world speculating: Is she pregnant again?

At one of her children's football games, the 40-year-old wore a loose shirt with a skull motif. And beneath it, flourishing life is supposed to develop - supposedly. Of course, after the report, every indication is right to further fuel the rumors. How practical that Heidi grabbed a lollipop right on the edge of the field. Wow, what a sweet thing. And then a fat ice cream was actually eaten after the game. Are these the famous food cravings? Just imagine if the model had even eaten a Spreewald gherkin on top of that…

Heidi Klum's father reacted to the rumors accordingly flippantly: "If Heidi were pregnant every time the newspapers suspected it, I would be a grandfather 20 times over", quotes the 'Grazia'.

We remember: The rumors were already rife in February: "Is she really pregnant again and has she gotten engaged to ex-bodyguard Martin," asked 'InTouch'. Then Heidi's friend Martin Kirsten put his hand on her stomach. Another time, the model might have looked at a child for a moment too long or eaten broad beans with bacon - there are enough possibilities.

And Heidi herself? She doesn't say anything. After the birth of daughter Lou, she made it clear on Jimmy Kimmel's US chat show: "The shop is closed" – no more children. But the next baggy shirt will definitely come.

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