Nathalie and Calle von Bismarck: Divorce

Nathalie and Calle von Bismarck: Divorce
Nathalie and Calle von Bismarck: Divorce

Temporary separation, Buddhist marriage therapy: Nathalie and Carl-Eduard 'Calle' von Bismarck tried a lot to save their marriage. It was all useless. "I'm getting a divorce," said the Countess in the 'Gala' interview. The native Canadian and the count have been married for ten years. But in the end their marriage failed, mainly because of Calle's alcohol problems.

"I've been trying to help my husband for a long time," said the 42-year-old. "But the doctors assured me that walking is the only way out of the cycle of addiction and codependency."The couple have been living separately for two years. She with their two children Alexei and Grace in London, he at Friedrichsruh Castle in Schleswig-Holstein. "His illness has affected our lives. I had to leave him for the sake of our children." However, the divorce is by mutual consent.

At the wedding in 2004 she doesn't want to have known about the problems. However, when she was eight months pregnant, Calle showed his dark side. "He began drinking excessively in my presence and kept disappearing without a trace for several weeks."

Financially, things are anything but rosy for her estranged husband. "My husband doesn't work and gets an allowance from his parents. I brought most of the money into the marriage." For years she has wanted to have her family bills paid. Reports about unpaid flight bills were therefore particularly terrible for them."The result of all this is that two young children have seen their mother, who loves and cares for them, being publicly discredited."

Your conclusion: "I had to make the bitter experience that the name Bismarck can do you as much harm as it can help." She prefers not to make plans for the future in her "extraordinary emotional situation". With her step, she wanted to encourage women in similar situations to separate. "Facing the devil is difficult, but not impossible."

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