Duffy in an interview: music, fashion, styling

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Duffy in an interview: music, fashion, styling
Duffy in an interview: music, fashion, styling

Duffy celebrated great success with her debut album "Rockferry" in 2008 - songs like "Mercy" and "Warwick Avenue" got in your ear and couldn't get out. It was not easy for the then 24-year-old soul singer to remain the same despite fame. But Duffy has rearranged herself and is back - with her new album "Endlessly". We met the sweet and extremely personable Welsh woman for an interview. Duffy talks about her music, fashion and styling role model.

Duffy isn't your first name, it's your last name - isn't it weird that everyone calls you by your last name?

Duffy: No, in many ways that's reassuring to me. I've been called Duffy since I was a kid, so it feels very familiar when other people call me that. Also, I've worked very hard to establish my name. That's all I have - nothing else means anything to me, but I do care about my name.

Your second album almost didn't exist - you almost gave up your music career. What gave you the strength to keep going?

Duffy: For me there really is no difference between my career and my life - it's basically the same. I would say my life was hanging in the balance. Who am I? What am I going to do? how will i be What will my next step be? It was like playing chess - pausing for a moment - and thinking: Okay, this next move is important for me. The decisions I make are important to me. It was like this. I didn't think about a career - I don't really know what that is. A lawyer has a career. I studied singing, I'm a singer - that's my life!

… that reminds me of "Hard for the Heart", one of your new songs. There you sing "Life is a game"…

Duffy: Yes, that's a good friend's motto: "Life is a game - we're all just playing a part". I just liked the idea!

Duffy's new album: danceable and dreamy

"Endlessly" is a love song that seems dreamy. Does that apply to you too?

Duffy: I think all the songs I write are based - unfortunately - on experience. I can't write songs like this without background, knowledge or personal experience. That being said, I'm aware that society is changing. There are more and more statistics about divorces and partnerships. We kind of go back to the 70's where marriage was common. I think actually we long for it too, no matter what happens, no matter what who says or what the time brings. We will always be looking for love and a mate - just like swans. And that's what "Endlessly" is about.

Are you a romantic guy? If so, how is this noticeable?

Duffy: That must be me. For me, "romantic" is not an adjective - it's more of a verb, something I do. Yes, I am sensitive. Old-fashioned? Yes. Injured quickly? Unfortunately too.

The first single of your second album is called "Well, Well, Well". The song is energetic and danceable. Do you like to dance yourself?

Duffy: My boyfriend loves to dance. He dances at every opportunity, he's super cool! But for me, this song was mostly about the musicians who worked on it - The Roots. A girl from Wales mixed with American hip hop - the song is just meant to make you dance! I wanted to do something fresh, surprising, unhurried. I am very happy with the result, I love singing and listening to the song.

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