Duffy in an interview

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Duffy in an interview
Duffy in an interview

Fashion and styling is always a big topic. Which fashion trend do you like, which one do you hate?

Duffy: 80's jogging suits suck! Since then I don't find any fashion trend bad. Basically, I think fashion is great, it's creative, there are a lot of great people behind fantastic ideas. Fashion should be valued for just being beautiful!

Musically and fashion-wise you like the 60s - how come?

Duffy: I actually don't know! I think it's my face - I have a '60s face, with my high cheekbones. Someone once told me I had '60s teeth…mhh. But my clothes aren't really 60's, maybe my hair, I like to do it up a bit.

Do you have a styling role model?

Duffy: Marilyn Monroe comes to mind. She was really elegant and lovely! Like my mother - she was a bit like Marilyn Monroe. She had reddish curly hair, brown skin, blue eyes. She always smelled nice and liked to put on lipstick. I always looked up to this amazing woman… I still need that femininity, that grace. My mother was such a strong woman: cooking, cleaning, working, raising children - she had twins - while still looking good, exercising every night… She was a bundle of energy - and she still is today.

You are a beautiful woman, the pictures on your album booklet are very sexy…

Duffy: Do you think so? A reporter said I looked like Angelina Jolie. I think that's pretty far from reality! But you always see yourself differently than others anyway.

Do you struggle with being reduced to your looks?

Duffy: I think that's basically true for everyone. Appearance matters, of course - it's the first thing you see. And we use our looks to communicate. So it's inevitable. But I never wanted to be a beauty queen or anything like that. That's not me.

Duffy, thanks for the interview!

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