That's why the stars love life in Munich

That's why the stars love life in Munich
That's why the stars love life in Munich

Why the stars love Munich: Munich - the city of soccer, Oktoberfest, beer and film. And "Minga", as the locals affectionately call the metropolis, is also in such a wonderful location: In summer, lakes are not far, in winter the ski areas are around the corner and from the end of September to the beginning of October the whole world is a guest anyway in Munich.

At the "Movie meets Media" party, the airport lounge attracted visitors with a light installation made from recorded flight movements in front of the Munich skyline at night - and inspired the prominent guests to think about their love for the Bavarian state capital.

Verena Kerth: Munich? "Always well styled, always in a good mood"

For Radio Energy presenter and model Verena Kerth, Munich is characterized above all by its style: "Berlin and Hamburg have their own charm, but Munich is very stylish. Fashion is very important here, a lot more than in most other cities. And the men are - for the most part - quite gentlemen, which of course makes us women happy," she explains with a laugh.

Harry G values Munich as a breeding ground for situation comedy

"Oh, Munich is great and also quite unique", says comedian Markus Stoll aka Harry G. "I love this change between lifestyle and chic-micki. I just walked past the Eisbach, where the surfers do their acrobatics You can sit on the Isar with a beer or sip your champagne in the most magnificent locations. Each as he likes."

Munich is of course also a great breeding ground for his gags as Harry G: "Munich is incredibly exciting from an artistic perspective, because everyone has a high thirst for recognition and wants to get involved. The Porsche drivers, for example, are a wonderful people for me as an observer: there is a Porsche 911 at the traffic light and the driver looks enviously at the man next to him who is driving the slightly more powerful 911. And then a third person comes with a Boxster and he is the hated object that connects them both nodding is just perfect situation comedy."

Film producer Martin Krug loves the "Munich zest for action"

Film producer Martin Krug is "travelling a lot professionally and privately, getting to know a lot of people". What sets Munich apart is "the urge to get things done and really turn ideas into something". That has happened to him very often: "You're at a party at the film festival, chatting casually, brainstorming, throwing out ideas and a week later you're sitting together in the restaurant and developing a script or concept."

Jana Pallaske: "Elyas introduced me to Oktoberfest fun"

Jana Pallaske, who has already worked with star director Quentin Tarantino and stood in front of the camera with Hollywood legends like Brad Pitt, actually lives in the jungle. "I actually live on an island between Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand. That's also very important to me. I like being in Berlin in Munich, but I can only find my inner center at home and really switch off." The actress really got to know the Wiesn through her work with Elyas M'Barek. "I'm actually not a big folk festival fan, but it was a lot of fun with Elyas and a good group. He's from Sendling, so he's a real Bavarian boy," she laughs.

Ralf Bauer: "I am fascinated by the artistic breeding ground"

The architecture and history of Munich are very inspiring for actor Ralf Bauer: "You walk past the Residenz on Odeonsplatz here in the evening, you have this wonderful theater, this whole Renaissance style. There really are whole squares in Munich that seem architecturally from another time. I think that also inspires the artist scene here" - and apparently also Bauer himself, who not only acts in the cinema and on TV, but also lives out his passion for the theater at the same time, especially in demanding roles as Faust in "Urfaust" or as Marc Anton in " Priestmaker."

Christine Hartmann's new film as a "declaration of love to Bavaria"

And Christine Hartmann's new film, starring Uschi Glas, also begins in Munich. The action then moves to Landshut, where three elderly ladies met in the "Lonely Hearts Club" only to later lose touch. Hartmann describes the strip as a "declaration of love to Bavaria" - which would also include Munich.

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