End of 2020: Maria Simon leaves the "Police Call 110"

End of 2020: Maria Simon leaves the "Police Call 110"
End of 2020: Maria Simon leaves the "Police Call 110"

Not good news for all "Polizeiruf 110" fans: actress Maria Simon stops. Born in Leipzig, she "will be dedicated to new goals from 2020," according to Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. Since 2011 she has appeared as Chief Inspector Olga Lenski, initially alongside Horst Krause and since 2015 with Lucas Gregorowicz as Adam Raczek.

"I am very grateful that I was able to play and get to know this beautiful role of Olga for many years. It was a very fruitful work and experience," the actress herself is quoted as saying. She explains why she is stopping: "What comes next is written in the stars, all I know is that I have to move on, keep learning and discover new things," says Simon. Then she thanks "heartily" all "spectators who like Olga" and the rbb team "for the great cooperation".

What's next?

The broadcaster regrets Maria Simon's decision, but respects her and wishes her "good luck on all new paths". Maria Simon shaped the Brandenburg "Polizeiruf 110" like no other commissioner for nine years, "for that we owe her a big thank you".

As it is also said, there are still three thrillers with the actress, "in autumn 2020 she will be seen for the 17th and last time as Olga Lenski". For Adam Raczek, on the other hand, according to the broadcaster in the German-Polish police station in Swiecko near Frankfurt an der Oder: "With whom, it remains to be seen. One thing we know: the investigators are not running out of work in Brandenburg."

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