Janni Kusmagk shows up without a bikini top

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Janni Kusmagk shows up without a bikini top
Janni Kusmagk shows up without a bikini top

Showing nudity on social media? For Janni Kusmagk not a lurid scam to quickly grab a few more followers. No, she doesn't want to arouse eroticism with her new topless photo, but rather stimulate the gray cells of her users. After all, she doesn't have any clothes in her luggage, but she does have an important message.

Janni Kusmagk shares this poetic message with her followers

A baseball cap, a necklace and a smile – that's all Peer Kusmagk's wife wears in the snapshot. However, teasing shell emojis obscure the view of her breasts to avoid locking the image. It would also be a pity, because otherwise nobody would be able to read this profoundly poetic message:

"There is a place where people are free. It doesn't matter if it's women or men. There is a place where women take off their shirts without appearing lascivious to others, but simply because they are looking forward to sunbathing on the beach. There is a place where women don't have tanlines from a bikini top because the way they are connects with the sea and nature. There's a place where it doesn't matter what "image" a woman is or what body shape she is, she's just beautiful. Because she radiates something from within that you can't buy anywhere else: freedom."

Are the followers as brave as Janni Kusmagk?

Well, you click on a topless photo and suddenly you get poetry in your ears! The followers definitely like that she celebrates freedom more than Mel Gibson did in "Braveheart": "Wow, you beautiful mermaid, thank you so much for this post."

But many users don't dare to go to the beach topless, as they report in the comments in response to a question from Jannis: "I'm fine with myself and my curves, but I would still be 'topless' do not show in public. There is a place, yes, at home, in your own backyard.”

Consolation? If you're not as brave as the Kusmagk, you might want to try your hand at topless poetry like her.

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