Scott Adkins: Martial Artist Facts

Scott Adkins: Martial Artist Facts
Scott Adkins: Martial Artist Facts

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1. This is an actor not to be messed with: He holds a black belt in taekwondo. He has also been practicing kickboxing for many years.

2. Scott Adkins' German voice actor is Jan-David Rönfeldt. This one dubs him in most of the movies.

3. Isaac Florentine, a director of Israeli descent, has worked many times with Scott Adkins. He, too, is mainly active in the field of fight and action films.

4. The Brit says that in his childhood and youth he would always sneak down into the living room as soon as his parents went to bed. Then he watched different movies all night long. The consequence was that he fell asleep during the day at school.

5. At the age of 13, Scott Adkins was robbed on a bus. He then trained even harder to be able to defend himself better next time.

6. He took a theater course at Sutton Coldfield College. At that time, acting was not easy for him because he was a rather shy and reserved boy. It took him some time to get comfortable in the spotlight.

7. Scott Adkins is particularly popular with directors because he does most of his stunts himself.

8. In England, the actor is not only known for his films and series. He is a frequent guest on various TV shows.

9. His mother Janet was very concerned for him during his youth. Unlike his peers, who had posters of half-naked women hanging in their rooms, Scott Adkins papered his walls with paintings by Jean-Claude Van Damme.

10. The actor can also fight with weapons. His favorite piece is the so-called nunchaku. He says about himself that he is not very good with a sword, although he has had to prove his skills in a few films.

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