"Summer House of the Stars": Steff competes with Mike

"Summer House of the Stars": Steff competes with Mike
"Summer House of the Stars": Steff competes with Mike

The third episode of "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" 2021 is a short one. It only lasts 45 minutes net before Frauke Ludowig takes over the show with a live talk. The episode looks like a follow-up to the previous day's episode. Because the losers from yesterday's round of nominations are fighting for their place in it, and also because Mike Cees-Monballijn is dominating the show again today.

The reality actor follows his wife Michelle Monballijn everywhere, never taking his eyes off her. Michelle's 15-year-old love affair with fellow candidate Mola Adebisi apparently leaves him no peace. Ironically, he chose Mola's current girlfriend Adelina Zilai as his suggestion box. At least he can talk about his feelings and admit his insecurities.

Steff competes with Mike

Mike not only crushes his wife, but also almost swallows up the airtime of the other candidates. But in Mike's shadow, another man grows to toxic size in the current episode: Steff Jerkel. The TV emigrant is also jealous and almost envious of the attention his wife Peggy Jerofke gets independently of him. "You're getting more self-confident," he says to her and admits frankly: "I like leading my girlfriend". She wouldn't want it any other way. Sure.

In contrast to Mike - who at least is constantly arguing with himself and trying to reflect on his feelings - Steff hardly seems to be aware of the explosive force of his statements. And yet he declared that he moved into the summer house to shed his image as a misogynist.

"Exit Challenge" of the losers

By the way, the mini episode also played. Roland Heitz and Janina Korn, who were actually voted out by the other summer cottagers, get a second chance. They are allowed to compete against Almklausi and his wife Maritta in an "Exit Challenge". As a reminder, Almklausi and Maritta only ended up on the hit list because Mike felt offended by them for some reason.

The women have to throw bags into high-hanging baskets, which are held by the men of the other team via rope pulls. So the baskets are getting heavier and heavier. Roland was the first to lose his strength. The actor couple Roland and Janina have to leave the summer house.

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