"Summer House of the Stars": Mola has to fight with Mike injured

"Summer House of the Stars": Mola has to fight with Mike injured
"Summer House of the Stars": Mola has to fight with Mike injured

"Face to Face with Mola: optimal". In the exit challenge in today's mini-episode, the two pseudo-giants Mike Cees-Monballijn and Mola Adebisi compete against each other. Of course, along with partners Michelle Monballijn and Adelina Zilai.

Mola is handicapped in the duel for the exit. He injured his leg while imitating his partner's running style. "Karma is a bitch," as Mike once said earlier in the season. He thinks Mola is a faker.

Samira would like more couple time like Mike and Michelle

Because of the sheer fixation on the retreat couple Mike and Michelle, the production recently neglected the other candidates. This time, Samira Cilingir and Yasin Cilingir will also get more airtime. Samira would like to have a little more time together as a couple à la Mike/Michelle. But for her, her Yasin cares more about the other summer cottagers.

The second exit challenge of the season is the same as the first. The women have to throw bags into baskets that are held and moved by the men using a pulley. Unlike the first time, however, the men are allowed to sit instead of standing, an accommodation for Mola's injury.

After initial difficulties, Michelle eventually gets the hang of it and sinks one sack after the other. As Adelina eventually reaches her limits, Mola gives up. The two are out but don't seem too unhappy about it.

First "Mangling" Begin

The big banging on the table that Mike had announced if he won the exit challenge is yet to come. Is the bad boy integrating better into the group now that Michelle's ex Mola has moved out? It doesn't look like it yet. First he wants to enjoy the victory and let the other couples "maul himself".

And the tactics of the maybe not the most likeable, but probably the smartest candidate seems to be bearing fruit. Between Peggy Jerofke and Stephan "Steff" Jerkel as well as Almklausi and Maritta, the first slight quarrels arise because of small things. Psycho games begin.

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