"Tatort: Everything is right": This is how the new case from Vienna becomes

"Tatort: Everything is right": This is how the new case from Vienna becomes
"Tatort: Everything is right": This is how the new case from Vienna becomes

It's back to the Austrian capital: In the new "Tatort: Alles was Recht ist" the Viennese investigators Bibi Fellner and Moritz Eisner have to deal with an opaque case. A murderer is acquitted in court and shortly thereafter his lawyer is dead. What initially started as a no-brainer ends with a bang. But that's not all: an old friend of Fellner's is back, which doesn't exactly please Eisner.

What is "Tatort: Everything that is right" about?

The two investigators Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner are called to a murder case that seems crystal clear. There are two bodies in a house and the perpetrator Stefan Weingartner himself alerted the police. The man even waits for investigators at the crime scene. There are also murder weapons, motives and confessions. A paraded husband who lost his nerve out of jealousy and committed the murder. Actually, the court hearing should be unproblematic. But the country's most cunning lawyer, Thomas Hafner, took over the defense - and in the end obtained an acquittal.

However, the lawyer cannot celebrate his triumph for long: Shortly after the acquittal, Hafner is found shot dead - and Weingartner has disappeared without a trace. If that weren't enough, Inkasso-Heinzi will get back to you. An old acquaintance of Fellner and Eisner, who puts their friendship to the test again…

Is it worth turning on?

Definitely! Once again, the Viennese team of investigators delivers a thriller worth seeing. Initially a simple murder investigation, several inconsistencies and abysses emerge as the case progresses. This circumstance creates tension, until the end the viewers grope in the dark. The whole thing is accompanied by the usual portion of Viennese humor - you can never get enough of the humorous exchange of blows between Eisner and Fellner.

The case centers on the acquittal of a murderer by a subtle star lawyer. With "everything that is right", but this circumstance raises doubts about the legal system. In Germany, too, no one may be tried twice for the same matter. This means: Once declared innocent, there are no new proceedings. This is only possible if serious procedural errors have been made or the accused confesses after all. The acquittal and the behavior of the lawyer not only cause stomach pains for the two inspectors.

Fans of the Vienna team also get to see an old acquaintance again in "Tatort: Alles was Recht ist". The petty criminal Debt Collection Heinzi, played by the Eberhofer crime thriller star Simon Schwarz, is making an appearance again after a long break. He is in prison and provides the investigators with important information. However, Fellner's old friend does not only awaken friendly feelings in Eisner. "Of course, Moritz is bothered by the fact that Bibi has a deep, personal friendship with someone who has so much dirt on his back," explains Harald Krassnitzer in an interview with the broadcaster. "But maybe there's also a slight hint of jealousy involved."

It is gratifying that the new assistant Meret Shame is getting more and more involved with Fellner and Eisner. As already indicated in the last Viennese "Tatort: Conspiracy", the young policewoman is slowly joining the team. At this point, great praise also goes to the acting performance of Johannes Zeiler, who slips into the role of the perpetrator Stefan Weingartner. He believably transports the desperation and self-loathing that torment the character.

In summary: The new Viennese "Tatort: Alles was Recht ist" has everything a good crime thriller needs and is therefore not just a must for all fans of the Austrian Sunday crime team.

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