"Tatort: Everything is right": Who is Inkasso-Heinzi?

"Tatort: Everything is right": Who is Inkasso-Heinzi?
"Tatort: Everything is right": Who is Inkasso-Heinzi?

An old acquaintance of Bibi Fellner and Moritz Eisner appears in the new "Tatort: Alles was Recht ist" in Vienna. Inkasso-Heinzi was transferred to a Viennese prison and immediately contacted Fellner. She should do him a favor again. Fans of the investigative team already know the petty criminal very well…

Inkasso-Heinzi is a popular supporting character

Inkasso-Heinzi is a recurring supporting role in the Austrian "Tatort" duo. It is an old contact of Bibi Fellner from earlier times at Sitte. Heinzi made his first appearance in the "Ausgingered" case in May 2011. Since then, the Viennese criminal has been talked about again and again, or he makes an appearance - like this time.

The funny, naive prison inmate is played by the Viennese actor Simon Schwarz. He made a name for himself in this country mainly through the filming of the Eberhofer crime novels. The actor can also be seen regularly in different roles in other "Tatort" and "Polizeiruf 110" cases. He was last involved with the Vienna team in October 2018 in the case "Her mit der Marie!" on camera.

Inkasso-Heinzi saved Bibi Fellner

Eisner doesn't like the fact that Heinzi is looking for contact with Fellner in "Tatort: Alles was Recht ist". He does not understand why his colleague relies on the help of a criminal and trusts him. But in this case, the television audience learns a little more about the relationship between Bibi and Inkasso-Heinzi. "In this episode, Bibi Fellner tells how Heinzi saved her from a very threatening situation," reveals actress Adele Neuhauser in an interview with the broadcaster. When Fellner was still working at Sitt, she almost got raped - Inkasso-Heinzi saved her.

Eisner also slowly warms up in the film and even helps the criminal. "The change of heart is clearly that Inkasso-Heinzi is cooperating this time, which he hasn't always done," explains actor Harald Krassnitzer. In the end, it remains unclear how the criminal will continue. But one thing is certain: It will not have been his last appearance in the Austrian "Tatort"…

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