Adele: Are your Las Vegas shows already starting in late summer?

Adele: Are your Las Vegas shows already starting in late summer?
Adele: Are your Las Vegas shows already starting in late summer?

Adele wants to make up for her postponed performances in Las Vegas as soon as possible. According to "TMZ", it could be as early as late summer: According to anonymous sources, the singer and her team are in "serious talks" with the Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood.

If the shows took place there - and not at the Caesars Palace Hotel as planned - there would be decisive advantages: First, according to the news site, Adele would have full creative control. Secondly, it could receive 7,000 instead of just 4,100 visitors per evening.

An official confirmation from the musician and specific concert dates are still pending.

Tearful Cancellation

Earlier this year, Adele tearfully shared that she had to postpone her shows scheduled for Las Vegas. "I'm so sorry but my show isn't finished," she said in the video posted to Instagram. "We've tried absolutely everything to get her up and running on time and to make sure she's good enough for you guys. But we've been absolutely devastated by delivery delays and Covid," explained Adele. Then she got more specific: "Half my crew and my team got sick with Covid and it was impossible to finish the show."

The artist had apparently had exhausting hours: "I'm completely devastated - I'm sorry that it's such short notice. We were up for over 30 hours trying to find a solution. And we've run out of time. I'm so upset and really embarrassed and so sorry for everyone who traveled to see the show. I'm really, really sorry," she told her followers.

"We will reschedule all dates, we are in the process of doing this and I will finish my show the way it is meant to be," she promised at the end of the message.

Weekends with Adele

The tour was scheduled to begin on January 21st at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace Hotel. As the title "Weekends with Adele" suggests, the superstar would always have performed in Las Vegas on the weekends between January 21st and April 16th, 2022.

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