Adele plans behind-the-scenes documentary

Adele plans behind-the-scenes documentary
Adele plans behind-the-scenes documentary

Almost everyone knows superstar Adele, but the British singer rarely talks about her private life. That could change with a new documentary Adele is said to be working on at the moment. The British tabloid "The Sun" wants to know that the 34-year-old is planning a documentary that should give fans a look behind the scenes.

Accordingly, it should be about the British woman's career and how she deals with her celebrity. According to the report, the producers worked to give fans a special insight.

Disappointment and "brutal" reactions

According to an anonymous source, Adele reportedly sees the whole thing as some form of compensation. The singer apparently believes that she has disappointed her fans in recent months - especially with the postponement of her concerts in Las Vegas. There is currently no official information about the documentation, such as a release date or title.

Adele, who celebrated her comeback in 2021 after a break of several years, announced in tears in early 2022 that she had to postpone her shows in Las Vegas. At the time, she was "devastated," as she recently told BBC Radio 4. The reaction to the postponement of the performances was "brutal". For several months she felt like an empty shell and felt everyone's disappointment at the time.

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