Eight things you didn't know about Jensen Ackles

Eight things you didn't know about Jensen Ackles
Eight things you didn't know about Jensen Ackles

If you are a Jensen Ackles fan, don't miss these facts:

1. Jensen Ackles was glimpsed for the role of 'Clark Kent' on 'Smallville.' However, this ultimately went to Tom Welling. Ackles himself guest-starred in season four.

2. His parents initially wanted to call him Justin, but decided that was a common name and gave him the name Jensen instead. By the way, 'Jensen' is the most common surname in Denmark.

3. A passionate photographer, Ackles is rarely on the set of 'Supernatural' without his camera.

4. The actor is close private friends with his 'Supernatural' co-star Jared Padalecki. Padalecki even calls Ackles' father 'Papa Ackles'. In addition, Jensen Ackles is a close friend of Christian Kane.

5. Jensen Ackles' most embarrassing moment happened in high school when classmates found a catalog advertising 'Superman' pajamas. They made as many copies as possible and hung them all over the school.

6. Ackles is not only an actor, but also a passionate singer. He contributed songs to the albums 'Sharing the Covers' and 'Christmas With Friends'.

7. The actor loves wine gums and keeps a small supply in his trailer on the set of 'Supernatural'.

8. Throughout his career, he has repeatedly played roles that have to contend with demonic forces. His serial mother was possessed by the devil in 'Days of Our Lives'. He played Satan's son in the film 'Devour' in 2005, and in 'Supernatural' his character has to deal with demons, ghosts and shapeshifters on a daily basis.

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