"The Winchesters": Offshoot of "Supernatural" planned

"The Winchesters": Offshoot of "Supernatural" planned
"The Winchesters": Offshoot of "Supernatural" planned

They're brothers on TV, in real life a new series apparently almost caused disagreements between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The two actors are also known to fans as Sam and Dean Winchester from the hit mystery series "Supernatural". It has now been revealed that Ackles is involved in a prequel to the show along with his wife Danneel.

The offshoot should be called "The Winchesters", as reported by the trade magazine "Deadline". The series is already in development. Ackles and his wife will serve as executive producers. The actor will also be heard as the narrator in the role of Dean Winchester. The new series will revolve around Dean and Sam's parents.

Padalecki didn't know about the spin-off

Padalecki and Ackles were the two main characters of "Supernatural". Taking to Twitter, Padalecki said that while he's happy for his colleague, he wished he hadn't heard the news on the platform. He was devastated that Sam Winchester - and therefore he too - was not involved at all. In another tweet, he stated that he was "bitterly disappointed".

A few hours later, however, Padalecki and Ackles were able to announce that they had spoken out. "Jensen Ackles and I had a great conversation, as we often do, and it's all good," said Padalecki. The two would have traveled many roads together - "and sometimes these damn roads have humps". But that doesn't stop the two actors: "Once brothers, always brothers."

Ackles explained that he missed these conversations between the two. He knows that Padalecki - like him - has a lot to do, "but you're still my brother. I miss you, mate."

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