AC/DC's greatest strokes of fate

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AC/DC's greatest strokes of fate
AC/DC's greatest strokes of fate

You get the feeling that one bad news follows the next. Aussie rock legends AC/DC face tragedy once again. The band has had to postpone their US tour because singer Brian Johnson is at risk of going deaf. The performances are to be rescheduled towards the end of the year, probably with a substitute, as can be read on their homepage. It is also not the first stroke of fate for the band in their more than 40-year history.

Deafness, dementia, suspicion of murder

Tree change you

The drama of AC/DC is cast! Of the founding members Angus and Malcolm Young, Colin John Burgess, Larry Van Kriedt and Dave Evans, only Angus Young remains. The sacking of lead singer Dave Evans caused a stir at the beginning of the band's career. He was only a member of the band for nine months before Malcolm Young fired him for allegedly being too opinionated and refusing to perform at some concerts. Equally spectacular was the departure of drummer Colin John Burgess, who left the band in 1974 after being arrested on stage. The reason: drunkenness!

The Tragedy of Bon Scott

Bon Scott was the lead singer for AC/DC from 1974 to 1980 before his tragic death. He loved fast cars and alcoholic drinks. At the end of the 1970s he is said to have only been able to enter the stage with stimulants and tranquilizers. After a binge-drinking tour of London, he spent the night in the back seat of a car and was dead the next morning from alcohol poisoning. However, the rumor persists that he froze to death in the car. There was also a myth that he choked on his vomit.

The Phil Rudd Case

Drummer Phil Rudd was a member of AC/DC from 1975-1983 and 1995-2014. He's been charged with something. New Zealand prosecutors once accused him of ordering the murder of two people. However, the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. There were also one charge of making a death threat and one of drug possession. Details of his personal life also leaked out. Among other things, there was talk of wild sex parties.

Rudd has been under house arrest on a number of occasions and has also been sentenced to drug rehab. However, he occasionally violates the requirements of the court. Most recently, he was sentenced to eight months house arrest because of his admitted death threats. Because he pleaded guilty, he was spared jail. In October 2015 he appealed. But the judge rejected the request and the house arrest remained. During this time he is not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs.

Dementia in Malcolm Young

The fate of guitarist Malcolm Young is more tragic. At the end of 2014, the family of the now 63-year-old confirmed that he was suffering from dementia. He was on stage with AC/DC for 41 years and, according to his brother Angus, it was not easy for him to say goodbye. He continued as long as he could. Some songs from the album "Rock Or Bust" are still penned by him. He is now reportedly being cared for in a care facility in Sydney. His place in the band was taken by his nephew Stevie Young.

Brian Johnson too

Now fate has thrown a spanner in the works for singer Brian Johnson. On the advice of doctors, he has to stay away from the stage for the time being. Otherwise he is in danger of losing his hearing. When and if the 68-year-old will return to the band is still completely open. The canceled concerts of the US tour will be made up for at the end of 2016 - probably with a substitute.

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