Quentin Tarantino: Final cancellation for 'Star Trek' movie

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Quentin Tarantino: Final cancellation for 'Star Trek' movie
Quentin Tarantino: Final cancellation for 'Star Trek' movie

Quentin Tarantino is a big fan of Captain Kirk, Spock and colleagues. Fans of 'Star Trek' and Quentin did somersaults when it was revealed in December 2017 that the filmmaker was developing some ideas for a possible feature film and that they were working with producer J. J. Abrams discussed.

Thanks, but no thanks

Hope was high: would Quentin Tarantino direct a 'Star Trek' movie? Everything looked like it. He and JJ worked together on a screenplay that was subsequently written by writer Mark L. Smith was drafted. Meanwhile, Quentin was filming 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'. But the sci-fi film never materialized, and the director canceled it, telling Deadline and expressing his hope that Paramount will still implement his ideas: "I think they might do the film, but I will Don't direct it. It's a good idea. You should definitely do it. I'm happy to advise you on that and give you advice on the rough cut."

Quentin Tarantino has other plans

This announcement shouldn't come as a surprise, because Quentin had already declared a long time ago that after his tenth feature film he didn't want to direct any more feature films. 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' was his ninth, and a few days ago the cult director declared that his next work would build a bridge to the debut 'Reservoir Dogs': "There is an umbilical cord between the tenth film and 'Reservoir Dogs', until the end. I think that's pretty cool."

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