Bauer sucht Frau-Star Iris Abel: "In autumn I want to run a half marathon"

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Bauer sucht Frau-Star Iris Abel: "In autumn I want to run a half marathon"
Bauer sucht Frau-Star Iris Abel: "In autumn I want to run a half marathon"

Will she go from being a sports muffle to a sports cannon? A few days ago, "Bauer sucht Frau" star Iris Abel surprised with her new look, now with an ambitious goal: "I want to run a half marathon in October," says the popular TV protagonist, who in 2018 with her husband Uwe at the " Summer House of the Stars” won. But in order to achieve her goal, Iris has to “overcome her weaker self”, as she says herself: “Because when it comes to fitness, I basically start from scratch. In an interview with RTL, she reveals what motivates her, how she wants to become a long-distance runner and how her husband Uwe reacted to it.

The "Bauer sucht Frau" star wants to get his body in shape

"I want to get fitter because I hope that it will help my old age ailments," says Iris Abel. “My hip hurts occasionally and I have a frozen shoulder. I hope that both will improve as I improve my fitness.” Iris finds: “As you get older you have to do something for yourself. Maybe you can counteract the ravages of time in this way. Because if I wait, mobility will eventually be over.” Does she have a role model? “Yes, Jane Fonda for example. I think that's great. But in general all people who are physically and mentally fit into old age. That's no coincidence."

But Iris has a problem: She doesn't have a basic level of fitness that would make it easier to realize her plans."I go horseback riding, but otherwise I don't do any sport at all," she says. “It felt like 15 years ago that I last went jogging. And although I was registered at the gym until the end of last year, I didn't really go there either. I'm basically starting from scratch.” Can she even achieve her goal under these conditions? “There is a bit of anxiety about not being able to cope with the physical demands,” she admits. And how did her husband react to her plans? "Uwe had a really dirty laugh," she says. "He doesn't believe in me at all. Of course, that didn't exactly motivate me."

Iris Abel signed up for a running club

But Iris firmly believes in herself. From May she wants to put her plans into action: "Then my running club, which I signed up for, will start," she reveals. “I read about it in the newspaper and then I thought: Come on, sign up. Participation costs me 500 euros – that alone is reason enough to take it seriously and go through with it. Iris Abel's big dream: "Maybe things will go so well that I'll become a role model myself. I think you're never too old to try something new."

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