Uwe Abel's wife explains: That's the worst thing about "Celebrity Big Brother"

Uwe Abel's wife explains: That's the worst thing about "Celebrity Big Brother"
Uwe Abel's wife explains: That's the worst thing about "Celebrity Big Brother"

"Celebrity Big Brother" candidate Uwe Abel is not only upset about comrade-in-arms Rafi Rachek on the TV show. He misses rest and suffers from the separation from his wife Iris. Speaking to new signing Payton Ramolla, he explains: "In 2013 we were apart for three days because I was in the hospital and nothing else. That's why I think about her a lot."

And Iris Abel obviously suffers with her husband. "It's not nice when you see the most important person, the person you love the most, suffering like this," she explains."If tears then flow - of course that breaks my heart too. I'm just glad that Uwe is now on the Big Planet. It's so good for him."

For Uwe it is "very important that he can move, no longer has to live so cramped with so many people and without daylight". Iris Abel adds: "He's used to having a lot of space and freedom here from our farm. The freedom and his beloved home - there's no substitute for him. He misses it so much, he has it I said yes."

He could "thaw out a little more"

Nevertheless, Abel is of the opinion that her husband is doing "very well": "He's so brave, so calm and a real team player. However, I think that he needs to thaw out a bit more, let himself out and could show a bit more of himself, like he has such a great sense of humor." She also wishes that Uwe would hit the table, "if something gets on his mind. I know he likes it very harmoniously, but he can also speak his mind. Not angry or loud, but clear. But that will definitely come."

She doesn't just find negative things about the interim separation because of "Celebrity Big Brother": "I miss him very, very, very much and I'm happy when he's finally back with me. I miss him and he's missing here easy. On the one hand, I sometimes think that it's good for us to be apart. Now I know - and I'm sure he does too - what we have in common." You pull that out of the current separation situation as a positive for the couple.

Iris Abel can't imagine Uwe giving up on the show: "No, Uwe is a fighter who doesn't give up. He may cry, but even if he's feeling really, really bad, he'll fight through. He will never quit. I always admire him: He has such strength and such immense staying power."

Since 2011 a couple

As a "gentle pig farmer" in "Bauer sucht Frau" Uwe Abel found his great love in Iris in 2011. Two years later, the two married and have since shared their lives with their fans through TV appearances and social media. In 2018 they showed their togetherness as a couple and won the RTL show "Das Sommerhaus der Stars".

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